New Nexus release date, news and rumors

Update: Google Pixel and Pixel XL are expected to be the star attraction at the company’s confirmed launch event on October 4. The latest rumors suggest they will be ready to buy on October 20 and could use the flagship-beating Snapdragon 821 processor, while new renders and the most crisp leaks we’ve seen yet give us a closer look at the handsets.

Google’s Nexus line is still going strong. There was a time when things looked to be on the rocks for the search giant’s own-brand handsets, but it’s navigated through the treacherous waters, and come out stronger on the other side.

2015 gave us the excellent Nexus 6P, plus the more affordable (and palm-friendly) Nexus 5X, but with the recent arrivals of the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, LG G5 and Huawei P9, both those phones are suddenly looking a little long in the tooth.

Can’t wait for the launch? Here are all the rumors we know right now!

Android Nougat release date, news and features.


Hottest leaks:

  • 12MP rear, 8MP front snappers
  • 4K video recording

Camera specs are few and far between for both Nexus phones. GFXBench details suggest they’ll have 7MP selfie shooters and 11MP rear facing cameras. That’s a strange set up that we haven’t seen before, so it may turn out that these details are a little bit off.

There’s more likely to be a 12MP rear and 8MP front combo, which has also been leaked, with Sony tipped as the firm to supply the lenses for the new Pixel duo.

The back camera is said to have all the features you’d expect, such as 4K video recording as well as an LED flash, face detection software and autofocus tech.

With HTC on board we could well see the firm’s UltraPixel technology make its way into the new Pixel handsets, with improved low light performance and possibly some additional camera tricks. We fully expect some general improvements regarding image quality and the auto-modes, but past Nexus devices haven’t always dazzled in the camera department.


Something the new Nexus devices are likely to feature heavily is virtual reality (VR). Google announced its Daydream VR platform at its IO conference in May, and you can expect the new service to be a highlight of its new Nexus handsets.

Google even teased its own VR headset with controller – and we could well see the hardware launch alongside the new phones later this year. It would make sense, as the headset will be dependent on a smartphone to function – and what better device to use than a shiny new Pixel?

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a “free VR headset when you pre-order a new Nexus” offer come September.