The Ink’d wireless is Skullcandy’s latest addition to its new wireless segment, and is currently the cheapest wireless earphone released by the company. The product packs a lot of positives when compared to other wireless headphones.

The company is changing its strategy by primarily focusing on the wireless technology. It has recently launched several wireless models – Grind Wireless, XT Free, Women’s XTFree and of course – Ink’d Wireless. By providing myriad options in the wireless spectrum, the company is not just distinguishing its products in looks but also in quality. Seems to be a game-changer, the Ink’d wireless is a step-up in terms of technology from its predecessors and it comes with a semi-affordable price tag with good looks and great audio quality.

The headphone is a good go for wallet, if you’re a listener who wouldn’t care much for bass and mid appeal.

Design and looks
While Skullcandy has always had reputation to cover its products with beaming, glaring and sheen tints, the design of the earphone is made with subdued, and duo (black and grey) infuse colors.

With a pretty formal appearance, the design is pretty lightweight and comfortable around the neck. The plastics have a good appeal which are not too dry and stringy, especially when you look from a distance.

The controller is on the left side with simple play/pause button which duplicates call answer/end button. Just along the play/pause, there are volume up/down buttons on either ends. The volume up when pressed for longer period advance a track forward and the volume down button skips back one track.

The good part is the lightweight buds which give a fairly decent quality plastic feel. The pack ships with two sizes of silicon ear tips. The cushiony tips can provide that semi-noise cancellation mode, although just make sure the tips you use match the size of your ear lobe.

Also, you could wear the earphones for a longer time consistently without any discomfort.

The L/R signs on the headphones seem to be tiny for human eye, as searching for correct ear is difficult.

Ink’d wireless changes the overall Skullcandy’s generic look, and provides a simple lightweight product which can carve its way through the other wireless products in category which are seemingly heavy.

Performance and features
This is where the earphones shines out the most. At an affordable price range, the headphone has a pretty decent audio quality. The default treble to bass ratio seems okay, when you hear simple music (by simple, I mean anything).

To give you a heads up, don’t expect bombastic bass, but it can handle that extra bass without delivering noise, and would not make it to ‘super’ bass. Playing songs like Goldlink – Never Die and Zed’s Dead – Blame showed much variation. Specifically when the song is in multi dimensions, the overall performance gets a little sluggish.

In fact, people who love rap, hip-hop or trap should focus on another pair, as it won’t deliver the expected performance in these specific genres. However, it offers pretty clear treble, midrange and bass in its range.

The good part is that at this price it delivers the quality that others don’t. However, don’t expect it to work outstanding in crowded places.

The battery life as stated by company is eight hours, which in reality was a bit far from expected. The earphones can last somewhere between 6 to 7 hours, while playing multiple songs at 75 percent volume.

There is no mention as to whether the headphones are sweat or water resistant. However, the headphones are smooth for running or mild jogging. I took the earphones on a jog in the current cold weather so can’t say how well the ear buds will be when the summers roll in.

Ink’d wireless are the pitch-perfect headphones that can deliver the audio quality at the right price. Comparing it with its predecessor Smokin Buds 2, the headphones deliver better performance at a lower price range, and have a better battery life too. It is a fairly decent headphone for semi-sporty activities, with its subdued, lean and light-weight design that delivers smooth music quality.

This is a product that can compete well with the other wireless headphones, but don’t expect the bass to boom out the other headphones in the same segment.

Some downers which can’t be avoided– big turndown for specific genres like – hip hop and raps (mainly the bass-based), L/R very small in size that too inverted on the other side which is inconvenient while putting the earphone in the ‘right’ ear; not very clean finishes on the plastic. Also, there is no way to adjust the cord lengths.

Keeping in mind that this is currently the cheapest wireless model released by the company in Indian market, it delivers better performance than few others in the close range. Also, the headphones sustain great number of hours (about 8 hours) as compared to Smokin Buds 2 (6 hours).

To sum up, the headphones make a cut, when we talk about products which suit all types of settings including indoor or outdoor. So if you’re looking for a headphone in a similar range having decent audio quality then – thumbs up!