Google has become such an intrinsic part of our lives today that we always turn to it whenever we want more information about anything, right from news to the latest movies. With the launch of the Android 6.0.1, Google Search has developed several new features. Here are the 10 new things that you must try today.

1. In Apps Mode
You use different apps to call and text your contacts, and yet another app to listen to music. With the In Apps mode in Google Search, you can find all the relevant information while you are still using apps like Gmail, YouTube and Spotify.

2. Find an ATM
If you want to withdraw some cash, the new tool in Google Search makes your job easier for you. Under the search box on Google India, you will find the ‘Find an ATM near you’ link that shows you the ATMs near you on Google Maps.

3. Search for a Website
This feature comes in very handy when you have forgotten the name of a particular website but still remember a few words. Typing “inurl:keyword” in the search box will give you a list of all the URLs with the ‘keyword’ in them.

4. Popular Times
Google Search’s Popular Times is a perfect tool, when you want to avoid crowds at any establishment. This is possible only because of Google users who store their location details on the servers. It comes in very handy when you want to visit your favorite restaurant and don’t want to stand in long queues.

5. Truncation
Truncation is an extremely useful technique when you want to find missing words on Google Search. For example, if you are searching for the idiom “Don’t count your chickens before the eggs have hatched” and forget a few words, just type count “chicken*hatch” in the search box.

6. Toilet Locator
In association with the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Google is planning to launch the ‘Toilet Locator’ feature soon, which will direct you to toilets near you. Google Toilet Locator is going to be piloted in Delhi NCR region sometime in December.

7. Specific Search
When you search for the girl on the train, Google gives you results for all the words. Just type these words inside double quotation marks, if you want the results with the same word order.

8. Similar Websites
Google has made finding websites with similar content very easy with this feature. Now all you have to do is type “” for a list of websites that contain similar information to Lonely Planet.

9. Exclude Results
When your search is specific and you want to exclude a few results, you can do it by using the minus symbol. For instance, when you are searching for a red fruit and want to exclude strawberry, type in “red fruit” –strawberry. The minus symbol must be next to the results you want to exclude.

10. Citation Links
Want to find all the pages that have cited a particular website? Use the ‘link’ command. Using “” in your search box will list all the pages that have cited this website.

These simple tricks let you utilize the full potential of Google Search