Paytm application vanished from the Apple app store, due to a bug reported on the application. Since yesterday the users were reporting about ‘issues’ with the app, and company has assured that they will send an update soon to Apple App storeimmediately.

The company explains the disappearance of the app, “Today we found a bug in our iOS app where certain app users were not able to pay thereby hanging their app. Soon the system logged them out preventing them from further accessing their account. We are sending an app update to Apple immediately and requesting them to approve the same as soon as possible. Once live, we request our users to update their iOS app.”

The bug is limited to iOS users, with no reports and claims by android users.

Recently, the app was having functioning problems with massive increase in traffic, as the company gained 20 million new users in last 40 days along with its existing 170 million-user base.