Microsoft transformed the Sticky Notes app in with Windows 10’s Anniversary Update. The new Sticky Notes app supports pen input and offers reminders and other “insights”, thanks to Cortana. It’s a convenient, lightweight alternative to OneNote for taking quick notes.

The Sticky Notes app is like any other application included with Windows. You can launch it by opening the Start menu, searching for “Sticky Notes”, and clicking the shortcut. Once launched, you can right-click the Sticky Notes icon and select “Pin to Taskbar” if you plan to use it frequently.

CTRL + L Left Alignment
CTRL + E Center Alignment
CTRL + R Right Alignment
CTRL + B Bold
CTRL + I Italic
CTRL + U Underline
CTRL + T Strike Through
CTRL + SHIFT + > Increase Font Size
CTRL + SHIFT + < Decrease Font Size
CTRL + SHIFT + L (1 Time) Bullet List (●, ●, ●)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (2 Times) Numbered List (1, 2, 3)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (3 Times) Lettered List (a, b, c)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (4 Times) Lettered List (A, B, C)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (5 Times) Roman Numeral List (i, ii, iii)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (6 Times) Roman Numeral List (I, II, III)
CTRL + N New Note
CTRL + D Delete Note
CTRL + A Select All
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + = Subscript
CTRL + SHIFT + = Superscript


If you want to change the font of the text, copy the text to an editor like WordPad, change the font, copy again from WordPad and paste in Sticky Notes. Sticky Notes will preserve all the formatting.