Google is very confidentially launching their new apps and then close it again if they don’t work. It sounds like that the next testing of the app will revolve around the enhancing of our photos that we capture with friends.

The idea behind the app is that you and your friends can work on clicking your best pictures together and then sharing the result. Think about those WhatsApp groups you and your friends are in – mostly we focus on the pictures that we posted.

It perhaps won’t be a million miles away from the Clips app that Apple just announced to widespread indifference. The kids of today are living their lives inside Instagram and Snapchat, and Apple and Google want a piece of the action.

Photos with our friends

The app would be bolstered by some sophisticated auto-editing features found in the likes of Google Photos and YouTube, so there would no doubt be a ton of auto-effects and filters to pick from when editing your images, and of course instant facial recognition and tagging for all your pals.

Google has confirmed officially that such an app is in the works. Right now it’s being labelled as “an experiment” and may not ever see the light of day if Google execs don’t see any potential in it.

What it does show is that Google isn’t giving up on grabbing some social networking action just yet, no matter how many apps it has to release: if users are spending their time inside photo apps rather than searching the web, then Google has to respond.