Uber has been completely banned from Italy by the Rome judge in the court. In Italy you can order and pay a ride also with a mobile app which is known as “Radio Taxi” already running on streets so they don’t need another one. He said that it totally out of the competition all over the taxi companies and services that already ran on the streets of the Italy.

For now we cannot use the Uber App in Italy, and no promotions and advertisement can be done by the company within the country’s borders. For now if you’re living in or visiting Italy, you’re going to have to stand on a corner and just wait for a taxi come to you or can can wave your hands to show your willing just like the past days.

Uber is planning to appeal for the orders that has been given against them. Uber said the Italian authorities are “anchored in the past”, local newspapers reported , citing “privileged profits” as one of the reasons Uber wasn’t being allowed to operate. Meanwhile lawyers for the taxi firms called Uber “the most striking form of unfair competition ever registered on the Italian local public transportation market”.

In the latest court filings, Uber has claimed the LIDAR radar scanning system its current cars use is an off-the-shelf version from a supplier, while the company works on a new model unrelated to Waymo’s designs – in other words, Uber’s self-driving cars are still playing catch-up.