Apple Iphone 7 came with new fantastic features that it clears the test that if water spills on it, you have no worry about your phone because it is water-resistant at some level.

And while this is a big leap for an iPhone, it doesn’t mean you should take it for a swim. Apple’s support page clearly states that liquid damage is still not included in the one-year limited warranty.

We carried out our test in a pool at the 1-meter mark in chlorinated water.When the 30 minutes were up, we dove down to retrieve it but brought it up to the surface. Apple also advises waiting at least 5 hours before you plug it in again to charge.

Test #1 – 1 meter (3.3 ft) of water for 30 minutes

Test #2 – Underwater photography

Test #3 – Dive in the deep end

Test #4 – 10 laps in the pool