56989947 - human hand holding money banknote for paying the key from hacker for unlock jail for folder got ransomware malware virus computer. vector illustration technology data privacy and security concept.

This hacking database is of size around 75GB and it is of readable structure and the resources also says that it is a giant database contains password form various sources.

Ii effects system or device in such a way that there is no guarantee that paying the ransom will return access or not delete the data , this is known as Ransomware.  It  is a denial-of-access attack that prevents computer users from accessing files since it is intractable to decrypt the files without the decryption key.

The crypted password is series of random-looking characters used by companies for security reasons to protect users.The victim sends the asymmetric ciphertext and e-money to the attacker. It added that no payment information or credit card data has been stolen/leaked as it is stored separately from this data in a highly secure PCI Data Security Standard compliant vault.